Memorandum of Understanding between
Desert Community College District
and the
College of the Desert Faculty Association

March 17, 2015

The parties agree to extend the current collective bargaining agreement, including all ratified/agreed to tentative agreements, signed MOUs, grievance settlements, and side letters of understanding from June 30, 2015 to December 31, 2015.


Ratification of the tentative agreement arrived at between CODFA and DCCD means the amendment to the 2014-15 bargaining agreement between CODFA and College of the Desert which includes a 4.5% off-schedule settlement that was paid February 27th, 2015 and will be  retroactive to 7/1/14.  Going forward, new longevity stipends will be applied beginning with the February paycheck. The new annual health insurance cap of $15,600 will be applied retroactively to July 1st.  The deduction on your regular paycheck will be adjusted to capture the correct amount through your May paycheck.If you have any questions, please contact John Ramont in the fiscal office at 760-773-2513.



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  • A Message from CODFA President, Denise
    Faculty Voices Matter, and Faculty Voices were heard at the 3/20 Board of Trustees Meeting.
    Congratulations to Wendy Ansley and Kelly Hall for speaking up about the important tradition of COD Cross Country Team. 
    To Karen Tabor for speaking up about the changes and need for faculty in the ASC.
    To Jim Matthews for articulating loud and clear the rights of faculty in a democratic, educational institution. 
    For months now, all the presidents of the unions and the senate have reported on the lack of process, transparency, and respect for the faculty, staff and our COD traditions.  When the Alumni Association packed the Board meeting and spoke passionately, they did so because they too are experiencing lack of process, transparency and respect. 
    Congratulations to the Faculty who stood together at the Board meeting in support of our voices, in support of AB 1725- the process of shared governance and in support of our faculty association.  This Administration has consistently tried to divide, undermine and confuse faculty and issues.   This reached an apex with the President’s good wolf, bad wolf reference at the 2/11 BOT.  He also inferred that elected leaders, Doug, David, Lauro and I are the disgruntled few among the otherwise supportive many.   
    The proof is in action.
    We will watch closely to see what actions are taken, what processes and traditions are respected or not.  We must continue to stay informed and active- showing up at Association, Senate and Board meetings- writing to our Board of Trustees who are elected by the public,  providing  Public Comment, speaking up professionally- these are the rights and responsibilities of the tenured faculty. 
    We are just getting started…

  • CODFA Officers:

    President: Denise Diamond.
    Vice President/Sectry: Jose Simo
    Treasurer: KarenTabor

    Members at-Large: Heather Benes and Wendy Ansley.
    Bargainaing Team:
    Geoff Hagopian, Fred Sangiorgio, Dustin Culhan, Karen Tabor and the invaluable CTA staffer, Marianne Reynolds.


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