9/23/14: CODFA BOT Report while 3/4 of FTF sign petition in 2 day campaign!


We had one negotiating session last year: June 4.  Openers in articles 8 (compensation) and 10 (health and welfare) of the CBA.
Article 10 (Health and Welfare)—The faculty survey showed out-of-pocket expense anticipated for health insurance is the number one issue. Accordingly, we proposed the District and employees share the costs of any increases beyond the $15,000/yr cap in a proportional manner.  Sharing the costs will give the District “skin in the game” and thereby promote more prudent shopping practices.  The health and well-being of the people who comprise COD is a cornerstone of effective teaching and learning and the health of student success hinges directly on the health of those who provide that teaching, learning and success – and that’s all of us.  We expect management will concur and commit the District to appreciate the consequences for increased costs.
Article 8 (Compensation)—We have three proposals in this area.
(1) Due to the frequent impossibility of all load assignments adding to exactly 15 SIU, faculty is often forced to work an overload at a sharply reduced rate of compensation.  To mitigate this inequitable circumstance we suggest the following language:
Section 8.5:  Additional Load: Unit members will be paid at a rate of 1/30 their current year’s salary per SIU up to a maximum of 3 SIU’s per calendar year.  The remainder of the additional load will be paid at the current hourly rate.
(2)  As it stands, even after the spring/14 retirement of 11 faculty on the 12th step, about half our members have reached the 12th step and now have no room to grow.  We propose to taper the salary schedule by replacing the longevity stipends with longevity steps at years 15, 20 and 25. 

(3)  An across-the-board raise is in order. Two key factors support this: eleven full-time faculty retirements and the 50% law.  Updating the scatter-gram to include new hires at (on average) step 3 shows that a 1% raise would cost about $90k while the net savings from retirement are about $500k and the District is scrambling to meet the requirements of the 50% law.
Dates set for future negotiation 9/12, 10/17 and 11/14.



The survey results are in!

Summarizing, by far the most popular choice of faculty was to "Increase the District contribution to
health insurance cap (currently $15,000). Second was "pay equity for summer school." The third most popular choice was to "eliminate starting steps in order to add new steps." Your bargaining team will, accordingly, ask for openers on Article 8 (compensation) and Article 10 (Health and Welfare Benefits.)

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