The survey results are in!

Summarizing, by far the most popular choice of faculty was to "Increase the District contribution to
health insurance cap (currently $15,000). Second was "pay equity for summer school." The third most popular choice was to "eliminate starting steps in order to add new steps." Your bargaining team will, accordingly, ask for openers on Article 8 (compensation) and Article 10 (Health and Welfare Benefits.)

If you have any suggestions for contributing to the website, let me know.



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    Top 10 Reasons Why Admin Won't Bargain:
  1. The weather is either too hot or cold, or just right.
  2. There are other meetings to attend.
  3. Haven't consulted with the contractors yet, or they have...
  4. Busy building beyond the 19% reserve.
  5. They already have their raises.
  6. ...